2021 – Stand By Me Walk

31st Annual Stand By Me Walk 

 Saturday June 5, 2021

2021 Stand By Me Walk

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Services of Northern Indiana (ALZNI) encourages you to GIVE LOCAL!!

Since 1982, ALZNI has been providing support, education and resources for those finding themselves on this journey with their loved ones.  The journey is heartbreaking and at times stressful and overwhelming.  But then there are those moments…and they make everything worth it!!

Over 5 million people in America are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  That number is expected to increase 500% by the year 2050.  There is no cure in sight.  There is no treatment.  What there is, is knowledge and support.

Join us this year as we mark our 31st anniversary of our STAND BY ME fundraising walk in support of all of the loving caregivers who give their time without question and without compensation to the care of these amazing people in their lives.

This walk makes it possible for high quality resources and education to be provided to all 11 counties in our Northern Indiana Service area.  We provide REAL SUPPORT TO REAL CAREGIVERS!!  Know that your donations remain right here in your community to assist those who need the help RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW.

When you register/buy a ticket to walk with us on June 5th, you will be joining others in our community, as we work to support caregivers.  Many caregivers will tell you that when facing the challenges and sometimes unexpected pitfalls, associated with their role, each day can stretch on and on.   In support of your friends, neighbors, loved ones and community members, you can help make a difference!

Register to walk on our link above and upon completion of the walk on June 5th, you can upload your photos and even your story of who you walked for or why you chose to walk.  Your photos and story will be shared with our Facebook community and could be featured in our newsletters.  Would you like to have your photo and story featured leading up to the walk?  Email photos and your story to events@realservices.org.  We want to hear why we are important to YOU!!

On our registration page, you can choose to provide additional support to those in need.  Our “MobileCause” page enables you to provide additional support in the form of respite care dollars.  Respite care allows caregivers to take a much needed pause in their caregiving role and have time for themselves to go shopping, get a haircut, attend a peer to peer support group, relax on the porch….whatever it is that brings them peace and good quality self-care time.  Your dollars will provide funding for services such as in-home care, adult day tuition or nursing facility short term stays.  Worry free time for the caregiver, knowing their loved one is well cared for, makes all the difference.

You may prefer to fund an activity kit.  These kits are specially designed and created by our professional team, at The Institute for Excellence in Memory Care, to assist caregivers in providing appropriate activities and materials to engage their loved ones simply and easily during their day to day routines.

Remember to GIVE LOCAL and support Alzheimer’s and Dementia Services of Northern Indiana.