Memory Care Providers are Saying

Patty did an EXCELLENT job!  Organization and quality were excellent.  Patty is confident and highly knowledgeable regarding content and how it cross references multiple areas of Long Term Care.  I LOVE how Patty doesn’t READ her slides.  The bullet points are highlights, but her knowledge came screaming through in her presentation – LOVED IT!!

QMCP Class Member – March 2019


The TRAINER. Patty.  She was AMAZING!  I have been to two other dementia training sessions in my career and this was WAY more informative.

                                                                         On-Boarding Class – February 2019

I want to THANK YOU for the opportunity of participating in the IEMC workshop this past Wednesday.  The content material and your presentation were outstanding!  You have added much valuable information to my “personal database” related to memory and elder care.  Although I stumbled on one test question, I will FOREVER have it stamped in my memory “They can’t resist if you don’t insist”!

Ivana N. –  January 2019

There were so many amazing “AH-HA” moments!!  I loved the amount of practical, hands-on examples.  Patty was wonderful and knowledgeable, easy to understand and learn from.  I gathered so many things to implement back at my facility.  I plan on using all of it to alter the culture of care for our residents.  This was AMAZING!!

I am extremely grateful for this course.  I have learned a great deal and can’t wait for the next class!  I am truly inspired and excited to start my new journey and make a difference in my community.  Patty was well organized and this course was full of substance.  Every bit of this training is so necessary.  I plan to put together a “game plan”, talk with my administrator and put all I’ve learned into action.

CMCP Class 10-18-2018

Wanted to share one of our success stories.  It  is with a lady who has blossomed with our nursery themed kit.  She takes upon feeding, dressing, and cradling the baby, and even, folding the baby clothes.  Prior to culture change, this resident was rarely engaged in group or individual activities, isolated and rarely initiated conversation.  This resident was displaying many behaviors toward staff and residents.  Now, this resident will greet you when you come on the unit, and even talk about her baby. She’s had no further behaviors and we have not had to use any medication.

Prior to culture change and our program training at IEMC, the staff had been focused mainly on their task for the day (showers, ADLs et).  They had not been engaged as much with the residents.  Now, the staff take pride in all the programming work they do with their residents.  They are more engaged with the residents…they are involved with the families more.   They look forward to the day’s activities.  We provide a daily schedule of activities to guide the staff.  We also have administration come down during the day to see what the staff and residents have done, in regards to activities, for the day.

Lori T. – Indianapolis, IN – August 2017

I liked the way the content was presented in multiple formats. Very hands on training and activities to increase learning and comprehension. I will be able to share the concepts with others.

Nancy D.

This class was very helpful and it taught me a lot of things I didn’t know about dementia… I am going to make a mission statement for myself , for my job and keep doing the best I can to provide great care for the residents everyday.

Shasda T.